Emails: Punctuation & Capitalization

Posted by Shujin Wu on December 19, 2016

6 commin Errors in Punctuation

Apostrophe '

Example: Suzi’s laptop

但是,像 can't, wouldn't 这样的就不能用在 email 中。

Exclamation Point !


Comma ,

  • 使用 comma 来连接 FANBOYS,for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.
  • 连接 LIST,如 green, yellw, red.
  • 地理名称,如 Moscow, Russia
  • 日期, 如 Monday, Janurary 11, 2000
  • Title, 如 Philip Hollingsworth, MD

Semicolon ;

Series: 如:

Recent Olympic sites are Athens, Greece; Beijing, China; and London, UK.

Quotation Marks ""



不要用 Emotions. 不要用 :)


Rule #1

句首第一个单词首字母大写。即使是如 iPhone, eBay这样的词, 也要写成 IPhone, EBay

Rule #2

专有名词(形容词)大写。如:French wine

Rule #3

人名和 Title。

Rule #4

介词首字母不要大写。如:Lord of the Ring